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Que s’est-il passé sur Instagram cette semaine? (06-11/07)

Instagram. Une récompense envoyée par YouTube, un message bodypositive ou encore une jolie nouvelle. Voici ce qu’il ne fallait pas rater sur Instagram cette semaine.

La rédaction de Les Gens d’Internet a déjà pu évoquer plusieurs informations dénichées sur le réseau social. On a ainsi pu suivre les aventures des influenceurs au festival Calvi on the rocks. Certaines créatrices de contenu se sont aussi exprimées sur Instagram à propos des commentaires reçus sous leurs contenus en maillot de bain.

Puisque vous savez déjà tout ça, place à ce que vous devez découvrir sur le réseau social.

Le message de Chiara Ferragni

La blogueuse italienne s’est confiée sur Instagram. Elle est revenue sur une remarque qu’on lui a faite alors qu’elle n’était pas maquillée. Chiara Ferragni ne comprend pas comment en 2019 il est encore possible d’avoir ce type de remarque. Quelques jours auparavant, c’était sa soeur qui a été attaqué sur son profil Instagram.

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Yesterday, while I was getting out of a cab to go to work, a woman surprised me with an awful comment. She was probably in her 40s and, after she saw me, she told her daughter (who was probably around 8) in a very loud way: “don’t even give her attention, did you see she looks like shit without makeup on”. My reaction was just looking at her in shock for such a rude and loud comment, and that feeling stayed with me the whole day. I kept asking myself why people have to talk shit about others, and why do people always have to criticize the way you look, more than anything else? And why do women do this the most, and against other women? In a poll I made on Instagram stories on Tuesday, after my sister @valentinaferragni was “socially attacked” for not wearing a model size I asked my followers if they’ve ever felt bad for bad comments about their physical appearance: 89% of you said yes. Isn’t this crazy? In a world where we all have felt judged for the way we look and where we’ve all, at least at times, felt victims of a beauty standard that we couldn’t live up to and felt bad about ourselves for other’s comments, why do we often do the same? We know the feeling of not feeling the 100% best version of ourselves, so why trying to make others feel bad as well? Why would a mum tell her daughter that another woman looks like shit without makeup on (and I felt so cute that morning 😅) instead of teaching her that beauty comes from within, from self confidence and self love? That everybody is beautiful in their own way, that a “model standard of beauty” doesn’t exist anymore? That a fresh face and a real smile is better than any kind of makeup? That’s what I will teach to my son, that’s what I try to tell you everyday on my social media. Real women support each other. Together, we can make a difference. It starts with baby steps: try to tell yourself something good about your body everyday. And try to empower others around you, instead of tearing them down #BodyShamingIsForLosers #Sisterhood

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Léa Elui récompensé par YouTube

La jeune influenceuse a reçu son premier « Button » de la part de YouTube pour son million d’abonnés.

Natacha Birds et un clip

Pour la première fois, la vidéaste Natacha Birds et son mari ont réalisé un clip.

Marie and mood et sa grossesse

La blogueuse a annoncé le sexe de son premier enfant. Avec son compagnon, ils attendent une petite fille.

Bilal Hassani et le million d’abonnés

Le jeune chanteur vient de franchir la barre du million d’abonnés sur YouTube.

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